Tom Merriott

Tom has been involved in management for more than 30 years. From asset management to material supply, each opportunity led to another as he took on more responsibility wherever he went.

Regardless of industry, his focus was always customer service and sales, which ultimately led him to Nexstar. When Tom joined the organization in 2011, there was no formal department for his specialty. As the first “Call Center Excellence Coach,” it was his responsibility to build a program for the organization. Now, Tom runs the customer experience department at Nexstar, which consists of three full-time coaches and three specific classes all driving professionalism in member businesses.

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Are the Right People Answering Your Phones?

Everyone wants their company to have a great customer experience, from the time they decide to call to when the door closes as your technician leaves their home. It seems like a simple concept, use advertising and your community presence to convince people to call you over your competition. Most successful operations have figured out how to make the phones ring, but tend to drop the ball once that happens. I believe the problems start with the quality of the applicants you hire.

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